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9/2/2022 4:37:00 PM
9/7/2022 2:00:00 PM

Update: Residence Hall Wi-Fi issues


September 6, 2022, 11:30 a.m. UPDATE:  Apogee has escalated our issue and is working to resolve.  They have sent additional personnel to campus to assist with this problem, but currently, there is no ETA for a resolution.   To this point it seems that issues are limited to Centennial, Governors, and Buc Ridge.  Please call the Apogee support number 833-410-2433 if you experience trouble, as the more information they have about the types of problems, the more likely they can isolate and resolve quickly.  Updates from Apogee will be provided to ETSU throughout the day.

September 6, 2022, 9:30 a.m. UPDATE: The residence hall wifi vendor, Apogee, continues to work on connectivity issues in housing.  The repairs and maintenance performed on Saturday morning were helpful but did not resolve all issues.  The incident has been escalated with Apogee they are working to resolve issues.  Updates will be posted here as they become available.

Residence Hall Wi-Fi vendor, Apogee, has been looking into the Wi-Fi connectivity issues that students have been experiencing over the past several days. They have identified a problem that requires an extended time for the services to be offline while the fix is performed. They would like to accomplish this fix as soon as possible. To that extent, below is the time frame for the repair.

  • Maintenance Date: (09/03/2022)
  • Maintenance Start: (09/03/2022 7:00 AM EST)
  • Maintenance End: (09/03/2022 1:00 PM EST)
  • Expected Duration: (6 hours)

Again, we apologize for the issues that you have been experiencing, but Apogee is committed to resolving the issues as quickly and effectively as possible. We thank you for your patience and understanding as they work toward a resolution.

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9/6/2022 11:32:00 AM