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4/20/2016 8:36:08 AM
4/21/2016 9:11:14 AM

Update Phone Circuits


UPDATE: All phone service has been restored as of 12:30, Wednesday, April 20, 2016.

PREVIOUS POST: A problem with our phone carrier (Windstream) has resulted in issues with some phone lines on campus. Customers impacted can make and receive on campus calls and can make calls to off campus numbers. Incoming calls from off campus numbers are unable to connect. We have been working with the carrier overnight but the issue is not resolved at this time. Updates will be posted as they become available. The issue impacts the following numbers: 423-433-2000 - 2999; 423-439-4151 - 4200; 423-439-6000 - 6099; 423-439-7125 - 7174; 423-439-7500 - 7999.

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4/21/2016 9:11:14 AM