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11/2/2015 8:02:41 AM
11/2/2015 9:52:18 AM

Q: and S: drive outage / long Windows load time


Update 9:52 AM: It's back up! The server hosting Q: and S: is now online.

The ITS server administrators are currently troubleshooting a problem with network file servers serving the Q: and S: drives. This outage is affecting Windows load times, often causing a delay of several minutes after logging on. We believe Windows is attempting to poll network resources and entering a holding pattern waiting for the connection attempts to time out.

Update 8:53 AM: The server which hosts the Q: and S: drives is currently performing a chkdsk. This filesystem check will probably complete within a couple of hours. Assuming all inconsistencies are corrected, the outage should be resolved well before noon. If the filesystem errors are more serious, the outage will be extended. Updates will be posted as we know them.

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11/2/2015 9:53:41 AM