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4/10/2014 10:56:55 AM
8/1/2014 10:56:55 AM

Window replacements at CoM Buidings 1 and 52


Please be advised that beginning May 25, 2014 and ending approximately August 1, 2014, CoM Building Nos. 1 and 52 will have all of their windows replaced. In order to accomplish this work, construction personnel will need access to the interior side of every window to be replaced, including those in offices, classrooms, conference rooms, patient rooms, etc. The removal and replacement of each window should not take more than (3) days, but during that time these interior spaces will be off-limits to anyone but construction personnel. Not only does this allow for a faster completion of the work, but there is minor asbestos abatement associated with the removal of the windows and therefore only trained construction personnel will be permitted inside these spaces during construction activity. The asbestos abatement work is minor and will not necessitate that any areas of the building be off-limits that are not undergoing construction activity.

In addition, a clear space of 5 feet must be provided around every window in order for the replacement to be performed. We will need the assistance of the building occupants to accomplish this – please see the details below. A rough schedule of when each space will undergo construction activity also follows below. Further details regarding each individual space will be provided soon, but please review all that follows for initial information on how building occupants should prepare for this work. Assistance from building occupants is vital to ensure a quick completion and therefore a speedy return to normal building operations.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but this should result in a tangible improvement to your space and the building as a whole.

Packing up and moving out – Before construction activity begins in your space

  1. Anything and everything that you might need during the approximate 3-day construction period (computer, files, books, etc.) should be removed from the construction area. It will not be accessible during this time.
  2. Same for all personal belongings. There is a potential for loss and/or damage and therefore all personal property should be removed.
  3. The occupant of the space should box up all materials and items that fall within a 5ft space of the exterior window. Details of each room are forthcoming. Boxes for this purpose will be provided to building occupants.
  4. ETSU Maintenance and Construction personnel will then move furniture and boxes away from the windows in order to provide a clear work area for construction personnel.

Moving back in – only after being notified that your space is complete and clear to re-occupy

  1. ETSU Maintenance and Construction personnel will move furniture and boxes back to their original places.
  2. The user of the space may move themselves and all other materials back in and resume normal activity.

Anticipated Schedule

May 26 – May 30 Building No. 1. Conference Rooms 113, B26, 217, 238.

June 2 – June 6 Building No. 1. First Floor. West Wing. Rooms 104 – 120.

June 9 – June 13 Building No. 1. First Floor. East Wing. Rooms 129 – 147.

June 16 – June 20 Building No. 1. Basement Level.

June 23 – June 27 Building No. 1. Second Floor. West Wing. Rooms 204 – 224. Building No. 52. Basement Level.

June 30 – July 4 Building No. 1. Second Floor. East Wing. Rooms 232 – 249. Building No. 52. First Floor.

July 7 – July 11 Building No. 1. Third Floor. Building No. 52. Second Floor.

July 14 – July 18 Building No. 1. Third Floor.

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4/16/2014 10:06:05 AM