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11/5/2013 11:59:14 AM
11/5/2013 12:08:45 PM

Faculty / Staff Email Outage


We are currently experiencing a problem with employee email service through Microsoft Outlook. Our server administrators are addressing the problem now, and will have it resolved as quickly as possible. There is currently no estimated time for repair.

However, employee email is still accessible in a limited fashion via the web at While we work to resolve the problems with our Exchange services, you can use the web-based mail service as a temporary workaround.

Please be advised that the web mail service could be intermittently unavailable as we restart services and proceed with repairs of the other mail services. If you intend to compose lengthy messages, consider composing them in a text editor such as Microsoft Word, then pasting into the mail message to avoid your content being lost if a service is stopped while your message composition is in progress.

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11/5/2013 12:08:45 PM