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12/6/2011 7:56:15 AM
12/11/2011 8:00:00 AM

Power Outage


To building 119, 1, 4 and 52 occupants:

This Saturday 12-10-11 a power outage is scheduled to install new electrical wiring and a new transformer at Building 52. The outage for Building 52 will begin at 7:00 am and continue until approximately 4:00 pm.

To facilitate this outage Buildings 1, 119 and 4 will also need to experience an electrical shutdown for a short duration (2-3 hours) beginning at 7:00 am. This outage is required to de-energize electrical cables providing power to Building 52.

COM maintenance staff will be on site to monitor all buildings and insure that all equipment and buildings are functioning normally at the conclusion of the outage.

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12/6/2011 8:02:50 AM