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5/5/2011 1:36:50 PM
5/29/2011 12:00:00 PM

Service Disruption for Generator Installation


ETSU’s Information Technology is acquiring new generators to power the two primary data centers on campus during extended power outages.

The generators will be installed during the weekend of Memorial Day, a time when most university services are at a minimum.

At 12:01am on Saturday, May 28th, all ETSU servers, networking equipment and telephone equipment will begin a shutdown process. The power will be cut to the buildings by 7:30am. The implementation of the generators will take approximately 8 hours. Once power is restored, the servers, networking equipment and telephone equipment will be restarted. This process will take about 5 hours. Every effort is being made to keep the outage as short as possible.

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5/28/2011 4:10:34 PM